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Surgical Laser System (NeoV980)

Since its inception, we have been instrumental in providing Surgical Laser System (NeoV980). Made from the quality tested raw components, our Surgical Laser Systems are widely demanded. The product is has wide scope of clinical applications and accessible in different configurations. Contact us, for acquiring Surgical Laser Systems at cost effective prices. We are eminent Importer and Supplier of Surgical Laser Systems, which are procured from certified vendors based in Israel.

More about Surgical Laser System (NeoV980) :
The neoV980 is a cutting edge all purpose surgical tool for a wide scope of clinical applications. The 980nm wavelength offering almost equal absorption in water and blood, coupled with the higher power throughput of the neoV platform, enables safe and effective treatment of many conditions, from ENT and GYN Surgery, through EVLA and PLDD treatments, to Laser Assisted Lipolysis and Dermatological Vascular Lesion treatment. Contact us for more information on this highly robust unit.


Benefits :

  • High Power – The neoV980 is a powerful surgical and aesthetic laser with up to 20W of output power from the fiber tip. Delivering high power energy through precision instruments and fiber optics, the units provides you with sufficient power for a wide array of high value applications, enabling safe, precise, and efficient use.
  • Superb Design and Quality – The neoV980 is the smallest system of its power class. Utilizing proprietary cooling technology, the unit is only a fraction of the size and weight of equivalent systems, offering unparalleled portability. With full metal aluminum housing and superb craftsmanship, the neoV980 represents the next generation of laser design excellence.
  • Versatile Clinical Applications – The neoV980, with high power output at 980nm, is a versatile clinical tool due to almost equal absorption of this wavelength in both water and blood. As a result, the neoV980 can be used efficiently for precision cutting as well as coagulation of vessels for hemostasis. Accordingly, the neoV980 supports a wide array of clinical applications, from aesthetic to surgical.
  • Versatile Surgical Tools – The neoV980 supports a wide array of potential fiber delivery systems as well as hand pieces. The laser may be connected to precision surgical fibers from 300 micron cores, though surgical hand pieces with modular stainless steel tips. For Aesthetic use it may be delivers through a reusable dual connector fiber through precision focusing hand pieces delivering spot sizes from 0.25mm and up.
  • Value – The neoV980, with high power throughput, top notch quality design, full clinical flexibility in potential applications, and no ongoing maintenance requirements, offers unique value to our customers for years to come.
  • The neoV1470 is the state-of-the-art endovascular laser unit for your practice. The neoV1470, with the unique 1470nm wavelength, combined with the CORONA 360 and CORONA 360 Slim fiber delivery options, provides optimal absorption allowing vein closure at lower dosages of 30-50J/cm, resulting in quick, safe and effective treatment.

Applications :

  • ENT and GYN Surgery
  • Aesthetic Treatment (Lipolysis and Vascular Lesions)
  • Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD)
  • Endovenous Laser Ablation of Varicose Veins (EVLA)


Additional Brochures and Relevant Publications :

  • 980 nm diode lasers in oral and facial practice: current state of the science and art; Apollonia Desiate, Stefania Cantore, Domenica Tullo, Giovanni Profeta, Felice R. Grassi and Andrea Ballini, International Journal of Medical Sciences 2009; 6(6):358-36
  • The neoV1470 may also be used for ENT/GYN surgery as a microsurgery precision cutting and coagulation device. From tumor resection under microscopy to endoscopic ablation of obstructions, the neoV1470 is a versatile and powerful surgical tool.

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