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Surgical Laser System (NeoV1064)

Made as per the latest laser technology, our Surgical Laser System (NeoV1064) is reasonably tagged for our credible clients. We have a dexterous team of experts who supervise importing and supplying of Laser Systems under their strict vigilance. To meet the variegated demands of the buyers, we maintain a huge stock of Laser Systems having different technical specifications. Rely on us and place orders now!


Benefits :

  • Deep Penetration – The neoV1064 provides a high power laser beam at 1064nm, a wavelength with low absorption in water and blood, generating deep penetration into tissue. As such it is a wavelength of great utility for subcutaneous application.
  • Up to 20Watts of Power – The neoV1064 has two versions, a 10Watt version enabling treatment of nail fungus for the lowest cost possible, and a 20Watt powerful version for full utility in your podiatry clinic, including nail fungus and wart treatment.
  • 1064nm Redefined – The neoV1064 delivers energy at 1064nm, equivalent to commercially available Nd:YAG laser systems, yet at a fraction of the cost, size, and weight, due to its unique semiconductor diode source which is uniquely tuned to 1064nm. Beyond cost and portability, the diode provides a robust and highly durable light source.
  • Portability – The neoV1064 provides the ultimate portability. With a weight of only 3.5Kg and a size of 22cmX22cmX10cm, and a custom made carrying suitcase, the unit can be easily transported and shared between clinics, further increasing its value.
  • Low cost of ownership – The neoV1064 for podiatry comes equipped with reusable fibers and special focusing hand pieces. There is no disposable element and the laser requires no ongoing maintenance, resulting in a very low cost of ownership.
  • Value – The neoV1064, with its unique features and outstanding design, offers superb value for your podiatry applications.


 Applications :

  • Podiatry - Warts
  • Aesthetic - Laser Assisted Lipolysis


Additional Brochures and Relevant Publications :

  • Laser treatment for toenail fungus, Harris et al., Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7161 71610M-1 to 11
  • Novel Laser Therapy in Treatment of Onychomycosis, Kozarev et al., Journal of the Laser and Health Academy Vol. 2010, No.1, pp 1-8
  • Long-Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Treatment of Warts: Report on a Series of 369 Cases, Han et al., J Korean Med Sci 2009; 24: 889-93
  • The neoV1064 provides a powerful 1064nm beam, going through the nail, to heat up the nail bed and eradicate nail fungus (onychomycosis). The laser offers a new treatment methodology without need for medication and with minimal side effects.
  • The neoV1064 can be used to treat warts by delivering energy and blanching of the underlying warts with high power pulses over the wart area. Wart types that can be treated include Veruca Vulgaris, Periungal Warts, and Deep Palmoplantar Warts.

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